School Lunches

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Why Miss Peppercorn School Lunches

It’s fresh | It’s yummy |  It’s nutritious | It’s locally sourced | It’s simple | It’s easy

  1. Fresh, delicious and nutritious 3-course hot or cold set Meal Deal
  2. Your child can choose the food they love and create their own Super Saver Meal Deal
  3. Food is made in our kitchen by our school lunch catering team – passionate + extensively trained staff
  4. You choose how much you spend – $2.50 to $15.00 and everything in between
  5. There is no minimum spend
  6. We focus on fresh, clean food with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables
  7. Its very easy, convenient and flexible!

Try our lunches. Taste the difference.

To order lunch or to register login here:



Is your child sick – cancelling your order …. Cancellations are only possible until 9.30am on the day, after this time your child’s order will be delivered to school.  Please call us on 9877 5183 to cancel an order before 9.30am – please do not email us.

With the entire world fighting obesity and bad eating habits, the focus has to turn to school lunches.  Miss Peppercorn was created in 2010 with a mission to do just that – change the way we think about the school lunch order.

The school lunch catering team, headed up by Priscilla, is passionate about creating great tasting, fresh food that gets every student excited to see what’s in their bag today!

Providing a service that delivers fresh, real and as close to whole food as possible that makes children smile is our goal – every child deserves that.  It must taste yummy and has to be good for the whole body too!

Currently we are servicing 24 schools in Melbourne metro.

We would love to come and visit your school to discuss our school lunch service.  Contact us on 9877 5183  or email with your details.

Oh.. and, did I mention that it’s downright delicious !


Do you have questions ? Click here


Miss Peppercorn is allergy aware, we are not ‘free from’ – our kitchen is a shared kitchen using  ingredients containing allergens. All products we use are labelled ‘may contain traces of ….’.

It remains your responsibility to ensure that each and every time you order, you do not order items that your child is allergic to.  You cannot select items from our menu assuming we will replace it with an allergy free version.  It is not our responsibility to ensure your child has an allergy free meal.

Please email or call 9877 5183 to obtain a copy of our current menu with ingredient details.

If you are still unsure, please check with our staff before you place your order.