School Lunches

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Miss Peppercorn School Lunches


Packed in an indiviudally labelled lunchbox and delivered to your child’s school before lunchtime – you can have the morning off

Our lunchboxes :
  1. are made fresh for your child and filled with delicious yummy food
  2. allow your child to create their own Lunchbox choosing the food they love
  3. provide value for money allowing you to spend as much or as little as you choose with no minimum spend
  4. are easy to order, convenient, flexible and change with the season
  5. are nude where possible!

Try our lunches. We promise your child will love their lunchbox and you will love our service

To register your child and start ordering click HERE 

You can order anytime up until 8.30am the day lunch is being delivered.  You can cancel until 9.30am on the day lunch is being delivered.

We love to hear what you think, good or bad, contact us if you have any questions or feedback

Is your child sick – cancelling your order ….

Cancellations are only possible until 9.30am on the day, after this time your child’s order will be delivered to school.
Call us on 9877 5183 to cancel an order before 9.30am – please do not email us.

Late orders

We do not accept late orders.  Our cut off time is strictly 8.30am.

Order issues

No claims will be recognised unless they are made on the day of delivery.

Our goal

Our goal isn’t to be the biggest – we want to be the best at what we do by providing fresh food that tastes yummy, of the highest quality, that is great value for money with an unexpected exceptional level of service.  We want to make people feel nurtured, happy and special when they are eating our food.

We would love to come and visit your school to discuss our school lunch service.  Contact us on 9877 5183  or email with your details.


Allergen Statement:

Our kitchen is NOT allergen free – all products may contain traces of peanuts, walnut, almond, hazelnut, other tree nuts, soy, sesame seeds, gluten and honey from shared equipment. We DO NOT recommend any of our menu items if your child is anaphylactic.

It remains your responsibility to ensure that each and every time you order, you do not order items that your child is allergic to.

You cannot select items from our menu assuming we will replace it with an allergy free version.  You must select options that contain no allergens for your child and not just any menu item.  In this instance it is not our responsibility to ensure your child has an allergy free meal.

If you are still unsure, please check with our staff before you place your order.