Meet Kate Cohn – one of three Kate’s !!

Gorgeous Kate is one the younger members of the Miss Peppercorn team. Kate has been with Miss Peppercorn since December 2013 when at her first function she said, “nothing bad happened”  – or so she has been told…so she has stayed on.

This is her first part time job since finishing school and unlike a lot of teenagers with their first jobs she has not wanted to leave as she has had the best time!!!

Does Kate have any favorite recipes or products?  Her mother’s, Lady Bolte which is a variation of Spaghetti Bolognese and also her mum’s famous chocolate cakes. A Miss Peppercorn product that she loves?  The tomato relish in our brekkie Pita pockets always makes her mouth water.

In the kitchen at Miss Peppercorn Kate is known for her forgetfulness,  she can lose something and can’t find it yet it will be sitting right under her nose.  Always a good laugh!

To finish with I will leave you with a quote from Kate on the best part of her job which really sums up the family atmosphere we have created here at Miss Peppercorn,

“The Peppercorn ladies and gents are always so lovely and optimistic.  Even if I’ve made heaps of mistakes that day no one will ever be mad and it’s so lovely to work with people you can easily get along with and share stories with.”

Stay tuned to meet one of Miss Peppercorn’s “Gents” next week.